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tv   WISN 12 News at 5PM  ABC  October 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm CDT

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the front driver's window was smashed out, and others had more. johnette ward came out to find her chevy missing four windows. it's one of 11 vehicles broken into in her condo complex parking lot alone. >> we feel violated. i lived here 69 years. things seem to get a little worse every year. >> milwaukee police say they're looking into whether the same suspects four or five of them, , are responsible fo break-ins in the area. we saw some dust on a few cars used to collect fingerprints. so far though, there haven't been any arrests. >> thank you. donald trump on the attack. the republican presidential nominee unleashing on his own party on twitter. it comes a day after house speaker paul ryan announced he will no longer campaign for trump. trump posted this message this morning, "despite winning the second debate in a landslide, it
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ryan and others give zero support." in another post, "our very weak and ineffective leader, paul ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty." wisn 12 news kent wainscott is in the newsroom. kent, what is speaker ryan saying about this today? >> the speaker is not getting into a twitter battle with donald response to trump calling ryan weak, ineffective and disloyal, a ryan spokesman issued a very brief, and very direct statement. without mentioning donald trump by name, the statement from a ryan spokesman says, paul ryan is focusing the next month on defeating democrats, and all republicans running for office should probably do the same. ryan made similar comments to fellow house republicans on a conference call monday, the speaker said he would no longer defend trump and would focus on congressional races. wisconsin congressman reid ribble was on that call, and says ryan's position is unchanged. >> this is a status quo move for paul ryan. this is what he has been doing from the beginning of this election.
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what paul said was, i'm not going to defend the indefensible. that's a direct quote form that -- from that conference call. >> the chain of events that led to the new trump twitter attacks against ryan began with the release of that controversial trump video on friday. that prompted ryan to rescind trump's invitation to a scheduled saturday rally in elkhorn in ryan's home district. ribble, was the first house republican to say he would not support donald trump, and worries about the focus being on videos and twitter attacks, instead of the issues in the election. >> this isn't paul ryan, isn't the republican candidates or democratic candidates, it's the american people, because they're not having a legitimate debate. >> ryan will not be campaigning for trump. his camp says instead he'll be campaigning for congressional republicans in 17 states and 42 cities before election day.
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twitter rant about donald trump and paul ryan is catching national attention. >> thank you. meantime, democratic nominee hillary clinton campaigned in florida today. she was joined by former vice president al gore. they focused on climate change at a rally in miami. >> when it comes to the most urgent issue facing our country and the world, the choice in this election is extremely clear. hillary clinton will make national priority. priority. >> world news is also on the campaign trail. they'll have continuing coverage tonight at 5:30. that's right after this newscast. in the u.s. senate race senator , ron johnson and his challenger, russ feingold, are getting ready to go head to head in a live debate you'll see right here on wisn 12. it's in partnership with marquette university law school. mike gousha will moderate. watch it live next tuesday, the 18th at 8:30 p.m. >> a not guilty plea in court from the man accused of storming
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a father, then killing another woman while on the run from police. zachary hays plead not guilty to first degree reckless homicide charges by reason of mental disease or defect. police say he stormed his neighbors apartment at 92nd and lincoln last may, killing gabriel sanchez while his wife and children watched. investigators say hays was looking for his brother at the time. they say hays then shot the wife of a dea agent when he randomly opened fire on i-90 near the dells. a doctor will examine hays and report to the court in four weeks. >> out of a hospital tonight after getting hurt while putting out this fire overnight. police say flames spread from one duplex to another near 4th and concordia. one firefighter, who was using a saw on the roof, lost part of his finger. no one else was hurt. 19 people from four families made it out safely. nc flooding aerials >> happening now in north
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told to get to higher ground as water levels rise. flooding from hurricane matthew has moved downstream. officials fear the tar river in greenville could overwhelm every bridge in the county by sundown. the river is expected to crest tomorrow. governor patrick cori -- pat mccrory says residents should not ignore evacuation orders. 30 people have died in the u.s. from hurricane matthew. half of the victims were in north carolina. in haiti, officials say more than 500 people died in the storm. >> if you're a sprint customer, you may have noticed some spotty service today. the company says some customers in wisconsin are dealing with intermittent access to voice and data service. sprint didn't say what was causing the problem, but that they're working to fix it. more trouble tonight for samsung. the company is permanently stopping production of the galaxy note 7. the move comes a day after samsung halted sales of the phones. more than two million of the devices were recalled last month because the batteries could catch fire and explode.
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carrier will replace it with a different device. >> new on wisn be careful about 12. what you're throwing in the trash. it's the message from local officials as we mark national fire safety week. the joint milwaukee and waukesha materials recovery facility opened back 2014. that's where all your recyclables go to be sorted. officials from both communities gathered today to reinforce the need to properly dispose of dangerous and flammable materials things like propane tanks, dead batteries, fire extinguishers and gasoline. , >> if it's one of these forbidden fruits, as i call them a please make sure that you do , not put those in recycling. we want to make sure the people who are doing the recycling are safe. >> to learn more about what you shouldn't be putting in your recycling bin, check out >> that's probably a really good site to check.
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lasts, right? >> when we bring showers back to wisconsin. plus -- >> she cooks for hundreds at marquette university but two , lacrosse players stole her heart. how they came to the rescue for their favorite lunch lady, and the gift she gave in return. >> then, from the field to the dance floor to his next project , driver's new t.v. show, coming up. >> hey everybody. i'm ben wagner. >> and i'm melinda davenport. getting things done before the snow starts falling. >> tomorrow on wisn 12 news this morning the three things experts , say you should do to your home before winter arrives.
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>> on the field, lacrosse players have to be tough. but off the field, two players at marquette university are showing their softer side. >> 12 news tim elliott introduces us to an adorable campus friendship. >> ready to go? let's go. >> ruby brown is always on the
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cobeen hall, >> i am working on some turkey cutlets. responsible for feeding hundreds of students everyday. >> i should have my apron on because i know i'm going to make a mess. >> the food is pretty good. >> trying to get it together so lunch can be ready at 11:00. >> but it is her laugh and personality that helped her form a close bond with two student athletes. >> >> oh she's th the best. always smiling. always cheering. laughing. and just grateful for everything . >> john wagner is a sophomore on the lacrosse team. one day, wagner, along with junior zack melillo, overheard ruby needing help. >> talking to a coworker about moving and they told me just let me know if you need some help and i was like yeah right. they're kidding. >> but this, was no joke. >> we offered to do it in one thing led to the next. >> for real? kids are going to give up their saturday you know to help somebody and do some physical labor? but they did, and it was
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refused. so she did what she does best, she gave them food. >> we got some pizza out of it. >> now john and zack say everyday after a hard practice, they head on over to cobeen hall for their post-practice meal. and everyday ruby is there to greet them with a smile. >> it's paying it forward you know? you don't look at it like you're doing a good deed for someone and if you got to know ruby i'm sure anyone else would do it. >> ruby doesn't skip a beat at work, but she'll always have time for her two friends, john and zack. >> i can tell you there is two good things left in the world. they're great guys, they really are. >> >> pay it forward, be the difference. >> ruby's boss was so impressed by the act of kindness, he sent this letter to the men's lacrosse coach. he told him that "these young men are the best of what i have come to expect at marquette. on behalf of ruby and the staff, thank you for bringing such fine young men to campus p or co- the letter has already been liked thousands of times on facebook. >> love that.
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driver, is getting his own show. it's called the hero effect. driver will co-host with actress emily wilson. the hero effect will showcase stories of people from across the country who are making a difference in their community. each hero was nominated by the united way. the show starts november 12 on oprah winfrey's own network. and don't forget on saturday that the wisconsin badgers host number two ohio state. you can see this big 10 matchup only here on wisn 12. kickoff is at 7:00. taking the show on the road. join dan needles and drew olson for a special edition of big 12 sports live from madison. saturdaytune in at 6:30 p.m. they'll have everything you need to know to get ready for kickoff. coming up all new tonight on wisn 12 news at 6:00. >> at the age of 85, first time anything like that has ever happened. >> an elderly man robbed by a group of teens right on the street where he lives. the unusual weapons police say
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>> then how this video making the rounds on social media could provide a new lead in the mystery of a wisconsin girl missing since 2009. >> the creepy clown phenomenon makes its way to detroit. this video is going viral on facebook of a clown hanging on the back of a bus. officials are calling it a dangerous prank. the detroit department of transportation says it has increased police presence on city buses. in the wake of all the scary clown sightings, mcdo' off. the restaurant says their mascot is keeping a low profile when it comes to community events because of the current clown climate. mcdonald's did not say how often ronald mcdonald makes appearances and how that will change. ronald mcdonald has been the longtime face of mcdonald's. it's the sweater that's taken over the internet. >> tonight, we've learned ken bone bought that now famous red cardigan in wisconsin.
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illinois got it at a kohl's store in wausau. he was in the badger state for his nephew's baptism a couple of years ago. bone was chosen to sit on stage at the presidential debate sunday night. he asked the candidates a question on energy policy. you'll probably see a lot of the izod brand sweaters as halloween costumes this year because it's now sold out in all sizes. from cnn to jimmy kimmel, bone is enjoying the attention. today, he posted this on twitter. "i took off the sweater between hashtag sweater season." oh, my goodness. soaking up those 15 minutes. >> i'm sure this is why lindsay
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lindsey: it has pockets. i will never lose it then. we have seen temperatures that have exceeded 60 degrees plus for the last 145 days. the day was beautiful. the last time we had highs in the 50's was may 18, so the stretch continues. but i think we will break this one. definitely sunglasses and t-shirt weather. this was how today should have been for everybody. it was beautiful to be outside. it was a day that you might have busted out the shades are needed the sunscreen. it was beautiful to be outside, but now it is windy. check out sheboygan.
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per hour. not so much on the lakeshore, but you can see that picking up, specially western dane county, where they could see gusts up to 30 miles per hour, so it will be windy before this cold front arise, and here's the important part. cold fronts usually bring back the return of showers and thunderstorms, but cold fronts also bring in cooler air, and it is getting tth where it is starting to get pretty cold in canada, so that cooler air is eventually going to work its way down, but we need to get the showers and maybe a few rumbles of thunder as well. we are not there yet. it is nice and clear still right now it's a let's look at the future cast. overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning, your commute should be fine, depending on what time you leave. if you leave earlier, you may not have rain at all whatsoever. it might be windy and cloudy,
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7:00, we get in on the spotty showers first. i really believe the bulk of this rain is going to be between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., so make sure you turn in to weatherwatch 12 because sally will have all the latest on this rain coming in. this is not just your garden-variety shower. this could be some intense rain at times. that does not mean severe weather automatically. that means that this is just intense, heavy rainfall, so no severe weather, not worried t heavy rain happening during the lunch hour. that has moved out and gone to lake michigan, couple a spotty showers left over here leading into 1:00, 2:00, but then by the evening commute, everything clears out and it will be windy. the cold front is packing a punch. it will drop temperatures 15 degrees. tomorrow size in the 60's, and by this time, were talking 40's. you see that big temperature
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67 tomorrow. 55 for the high on thursday. then we go back up, so were not letting that chill subtle and quite yet, but wait until you see the overnight lows. it is football weather. we like that. temperatures overnight tonight, we dropped their the 60's, not nearly as cool, and sarkar gazing because they're not here yet. the week ahead forecast, the showers for tomorrow, heavy at times, especially in the morning, look at that overnight low thursday >> she was explaining yesterday that she did not feel comfortable you are a thirtysomething on the board. lindsey: took over that threshold, it's like, well. >> it is a mental hurdle indy. new tonight on wisn 12 news at 10:00, a boy caught shoplifting in a wisconsin store. the thing the officer did instead of arresting him that's touching people who hear the story. and a father and daughter hit the jackpot while visiting a
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the unique site and what they found new tonight at 10:00. it turns out that playing pokemon go might add years to your life. >> the new study showing the impact on americans' health since the game was released this summer. >> plus, it was the surprise hit of the summer. the spin-off now in the works after bad moms box office success. announcer: like, comment, and share with the news team you trust. like wisn 12 news on facebook and join the conversation. workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me?
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for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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>> today's tuesday's child has some definite ideas about sports , he loves them. so kathy mykleby took him out to hit a bucket of balls. kathy: i learned he not only loves sports but he seeks out , people who are good sports. we are going to golf. dylan loves sports. he approaches games his own way. closer, closer, closer, ok. >> i feel uncomfortable. kathy: go back to where you feel comfortable. here it comes. i'm not messing with that. he is nine years old and lives with his mom and two older
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kathy: he is on the waiting list for a volunteer big brother or big sister to share good times and try new things like golf. >> that's a good sport for kids to play. kathy: have you ever played it before? >> no, this is my first time. kathy: dylan puts his heart into just about everything he does. >> i like to help my friends when they need help. i like a good game. kathy: like a fair game? like people cheating. dylan hopes to share some one on one time with another grown-up he can look up to and make a lasting connection. he had quite a launch. you can reach big brothers big sisters of ozaukee county at 262-377-0784. when you have a swing like --
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like that -- kathy: you have to make a connection. >> you were pretty good too. kathy: that day. >> it's quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness apps out there by accident. researchers say people who play pokemon go take an average 26% more steps than they did before the game came out over the summer. the study from microsoft research shows the game has added 144 billion steps to the u.s. overall. the most drastic changes in activity levels were seen in previously sedentary users who are now often found walking around catching pokemon. it grows more than $112 million at the box office. >> and now the studio behind this summer's surprise hit bad moms is giving it up for the dads after calls for a sequel, stx entertainment has announced a spin-off called bad dads'. it'll hit theaters next july. there will also be digital content and even a reality t.v. series.
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>> in that movie theater, i left and there was mascara to hear. it is not appropriate unless you are an adult. >> yes, ok. let's check on the forecast when we come back. >> don't be tricked by the weather, treat yourself to our area's most accurate forecasts on the wis12
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>> sitcom. american housewife' premieres tonight right here on wisn 12. here's a sneak peek. >> i came up with a few ways to make this family stronger. number i will not have this one, green healthy drinks in my house. >> need to check my work. >> upstairs. >> tell your mom thanks for sending you up here for this quality daddy daughter time. >> ok daddy. >> i got a chance to see this when early. it is quite funny.
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i might live tweet that one because it was very cute.
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump declares he's no longer shackled, and unleashes on several big names. blasting republican leaders for turning their backs on him. and back together, al gore tonight at hillary clinton's side. also breaking, the deadly plane crash on main street in one am emergency crews rushing to the scene. the smartphones igniting, and tonight, samsung now says it will stop maucking that phone i question. that customers should stop using it. but how can americans be sure the person next to them on the plane and in that subway is listening? the suspect running into traffic on a busy interstate. the officer chasing him and hazering him. and the fbi on the case tonight. the chilling video discovered on youtube. the man, the girl who appears


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